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Bath aid and bath care for elderlies and individuals with disabilities can be challenging. The same is true when you are living with such special needs. Make life more comfortable and accessible to your loved ones with bath aid and bath care products from Medicine24.It’s critical for family members and caregivers to keep a careful eye on how their loved ones are aging in place. The demands of an elderly person can alter suddenly, but this does not always necessitate moving them into a long-term care facility. Various services can help extend your loved one’s independence inside and outside the home if adaptive equipment has assisted them but they still require further aid or monitoring. The secret is to watch for warning indicators that a senior may be having trouble and to respond to them as soon as possible.Make bathing a safe and enjoyable experience! bathtub railings, raised toilet seats, shower chairs, bathroom grab bars, and toilet safety rails. Shampoo basins and no-rinse products make it convenient for caregivers to bathe at the bedside or in the bathroom.

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  • Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat


    Introducing the Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat! This innovative product can make bathroom trips less challenging and more comfortable for the mobility-impaired. The Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat fits most toilets and is height adjustable, making it a versatile and convenient solution for anyone who struggles with using a standard toilet. Made from sturdy and safe materials,…

  • Bath Board Bench with Handle

    Bath Board Bench with Handle


    Get in and out of the bath safely and securely with this bath board bench with handle. Lightweight, durable, and slip-resistant, this bathtub bench has been especially designed to make it easy to get in and out of the bath and comfortable and safe to sit inside the bath. The handle allows for a strong…

  • Bathtub Safety Rail

    Bathtub Safety Rail


    Get extra support and stability in the bathtub with this bath safety rail. Made with an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip, this bathtub safety rail provides a sense of security and adds extra balance for those who require some support while sitting or standing in the bathtub. This bath rail is durable, convenient, and…

  • Cascade Modular Safety Grab Rails

    Cascade Modular Safety Grab Rails



  • Hygiene Shower Stool

    Hygiene Shower Stool


    This DJMed Hygiene Shower Stool has been specially designed in a horseshoe shape with the front cut out, to make it easier to maintain personal hygiene in the shower. With an ergonomic seat surface, this stool is comfortable and sturdy to sit on, providing extra support in the shower for those who are prone to…

  • Raised Toilet Seat

    Raised Toilet Seat

    If you’re looking for a safe and easy way to use the toilet with limited mobility, then look no further than the Raised Toilet Seat. This innovative product helps you to safely and easily access the toilet, without any strain on your body. The Raised Toilet Seat is perfect for those who have difficulty bending…

  • Raised Toilet Seat With Lid

    If you’re looking for a raised toilet seat that will make your life easier, look no further than the Raised Toilet Seat With Lid. This handy product lets you reach the toilet seat with ease, thanks to its convenient toilet seat lid. No more struggling to reach the seat or having to ask for help!…

  • Rebotec Best Over Toilet Seat Frame

    Rebotec Brest – Over Toilet Seat Frame


    If you’re looking for a toilet seat frame that is both functional and stylish, the Rebotec Brest is the perfect choice. This quality product is made from lightweight materials, making it easy to transport and operate. The frame is also adjustable, so you can customize the height to suit your needs. In addition, the clean…

  • Rebotec Bucket – Shower Commode Chair Pail

    Rebotec Bucket – Shower Commode Chair Pail


    If you are looking for a reliable and easy to use bucket for your Rebotec commode or shower chair, then the Rebotec Bucket – Shower Commode Chair Pail is the perfect option for you. Made from high quality materials, this bucket is tough and durable, making it perfect for everyday use. The large capacity means…

  • Rebotec Verona – Round Shower Stool

    Rebotec Verona – Round Shower Stool


    Get an added sense of security and comfort in the shower with this Robotec Verona – Round Shower Stool. Featuring height-adjustable legs and heavy-duty rubber safety feet for maximum stability, this small round shower stool is perfect for those people living with disabilities, frailty, or recovering from broken bones or surgery. The Robotec Verona –…

  • Round Shower Stool

    Round Stable Shower Stool


    Get extra stability and comfort in the shower with the DJMed Round Shower Stool. This durable small bathroom stool is perfect for those who need seated support while showering, offering extra comfort, stability, and security. Many people who require a stool for bathroom, such as the elderly or people living with disabilities, may need to…

  • Round Swivel Shower Stool


    If you’re looking for a safe and reliable product to help you in the bathroom, look no further than the Smart Swivel Shower Stool. This innovative stool is designed to swivel 360 degrees, making it easy and convenient for you to use in the shower. With its suction cups, it firmly attaches to any smooth…

High-Quality Products from Medicines24

The use of bathroom aids for the elderly, disabled, and senior citizens is crucial for people who require assistance due to limited mobility. Medicines24 offers a wide selection of bath aids for the disabled and shower aids for the elderly as a resource to our customers, both individuals and healthcare professionals, because bathrooms are among the riskier spaces in a home or care facility.

Bath lifts, bath chairs, and benches, portable showers, bath lifts, and a variety of bathroom accessories are among our available bathing handicap shower assistance goods. We are pleased to provide a substantial selection of high-quality bathing and showering aids. Our bathroom aid products include:

Bathing and Showering Products

The demand for secure, adaptable solutions that maintain independence and comfort grows as mobility declines. Assistive technology must be robust in humid and wet situations and put user safety first.

Shower Stools for Mobile Showers

Medicine24 also sells shower accessories and toilet seat frames for added convenience and comfort in the bathroom. They are well-designed with various clever features that make daily activities for users and caregivers safe and simple.

Toilet Use

It might be agonising and difficult to sit down and stand up when one’s mobility is compromised. Specifically created toilet seats and toileting aids reduce effort, guarantee increased comfort, and add additional safety.

Bathroom Accessories

Find accessories that complements your bathroom aids to help further improve and make bathing a safe experience for your elderly, senior, or patient at home.

Bathroom grab bars, bath lifts, bath steps, bath seats, and bath boards are all some of the basic bathroom aids we offer here at Medicine24. All of these mobility aids are intended to make bathing safer for you and anybody helping you enter and exit the tub, as well as more comfortable and enjoyable.