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Bathroom seating is a great way to make your home more disability accessible. While there are many types of bath chairs and stools available, they all have one thing in common – safety features that help those with impaired mobility maintain their independence at the end-of day when caring for themselves becomes difficult or impossible due illness/injuryMaintaining personal hygiene can be very challenging if you’re not able anymore but fortunately we offer an array comfortable options including adjustable lightweight benches designed specially so persons remain seated during use which reduce risks associated wth falls because it provides stability while maintaining flexibility enough allow user easy transfer into bathing position.Bath, shower chairs & stools come in different shapes and sizes depending on your individual needs. They’re designed to be safe for use around bathrooms with a wide range of ages or abilities from elderly people who might need extra support while taking care of themselves at home all the way up through disabled individuals looking after their children by themselves without any outside help available during times where they’d prefer not having someone else there helping out but still needing some assistance getting around inside one’s own house due do illness etc.

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  • Hygiene Shower Stool

    Hygiene Shower Stool


    This DJMed Hygiene Shower Stool has been specially designed in a horseshoe shape with the front cut out, to make it easier to maintain personal hygiene in the shower. With an ergonomic seat surface, this stool is comfortable and sturdy to sit on, providing extra support in the shower for those who are prone to…

  • Rebotec Best Over Toilet Seat Frame

    Rebotec Brest – Over Toilet Seat Frame


    If you’re looking for a toilet seat frame that is both functional and stylish, the Rebotec Brest is the perfect choice. This quality product is made from lightweight materials, making it easy to transport and operate. The frame is also adjustable, so you can customize the height to suit your needs. In addition, the clean…

  • Rebotec Bucket – Shower Commode Chair Pail

    Rebotec Bucket – Shower Commode Chair Pail


    If you are looking for a reliable and easy to use bucket for your Rebotec commode or shower chair, then the Rebotec Bucket – Shower Commode Chair Pail is the perfect option for you. Made from high quality materials, this bucket is tough and durable, making it perfect for everyday use. The large capacity means…

  • Rebotec Verona – Round Shower Stool

    Rebotec Verona – Round Shower Stool


    Get an added sense of security and comfort in the shower with this Robotec Verona – Round Shower Stool. Featuring height-adjustable legs and heavy-duty rubber safety feet for maximum stability, this small round shower stool is perfect for those people living with disabilities, frailty, or recovering from broken bones or surgery. The Robotec Verona –…

  • Round Shower Stool

    Round Stable Shower Stool


    Get extra stability and comfort in the shower with the DJMed Round Shower Stool. This durable small bathroom stool is perfect for those who need seated support while showering, offering extra comfort, stability, and security. Many people who require a stool for bathroom, such as the elderly or people living with disabilities, may need to…

  • Round Swivel Shower Stool


    If you’re looking for a safe and reliable product to help you in the bathroom, look no further than the Smart Swivel Shower Stool. This innovative stool is designed to swivel 360 degrees, making it easy and convenient for you to use in the shower. With its suction cups, it firmly attaches to any smooth…