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Get extra stability and comfort in the shower with the DJMed Round Shower Stool. This durable small bathroom stool is perfect for those who need seated support while showering, offering extra comfort, stability, and security. Many people who require a stool for bathroom, such as the elderly or people living with disabilities, may need to spend extra time in the shower. This shower stool round makes it possible to do so with comfort, security, and extra peace of mind. 

LIGHTWEIGHT Made from moulded plastic, the DJMed Round Shower Stool is lightweight and easy to carry, making it simple to move the chair from the shower to a cupboard or storage space if it’s not in use all the time. 

DURABLE Made from water-resistant materials that prevent the risk of slipping and rust, the durable sitting shower seat can withstand shower after shower without suffering wear and tear from prolonged exposure to water or shower products. The bath stool also features non-marking feet, so you can rest assured that you can keep the stool in the shower for long periods of time without having stains or markings on the floor. 

NON-SLIP Make your daily routine easier, safer, and more comfortable with non-slip protection for extra stability and peace of mind. Each of the four feet on the DJMed Round Shower Stool are capped with rubber ferrules that grip to the floor and provide extra security when sitting down and standing up.  The plastic on the seat is also designed to be non-slip and add extra grip and security when sitting. 

ADJUSTABLE The small round shower stool also features telescopic legs that can be adjusted for different heights. A simple push of the button can make the stool taller or shorter, tailoring it to the exact height for the person who needs to use it. This stool for shower can withstand up to 110 kilograms in weight. 

CONVENIENT The shower stool’s small, convenient size means it can easily fit into most showers without taking up too much space, but still comfortable enough to be sat on for long periods of time. The width between the telescopic legs on the shower stool are small enough to fit into a bathtub, making it ideal for those who have a combined shower and bathtub. The small bathroom stool is easy to clean and easy to assemble and put away when needed.  

Shower stools are an essential item for people living with disabilities, those who suffer from broken bones, or the elderly. The usual daily shower routine can become unsafe for people who are prone to falling, and there can be a risk of serious injury without the right tools to provide much-needed stability and support. This small round shower stool can help add extra security for those who need more support while in the shower. 


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