Body Positioning Wedges

Wedges come in various shapes, sizes and fabrics to suit the needs of many. They are an excellent tool for those who have restricted mobility but may find themselves confined at times due their condition or illness such as spinal cord injuriesA wedge pillow provides extra support when sleeping by elevating one’s head off flat surfaces so that it is easier on joints while simultaneously relieving pain from compressed muscles caused because you’re not fully resting against something hard enough during bedtime hours.

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  • Bed Side Bumpers Wedges


    If you or someone you know suffers from proprioceptive conditions, bedside bumpers wedges are a helpful alternative to protect them from falling off their bed. Made of soft, comfortable material, our wedges provide support and security for those who fear falling. With bedside bumpers wedges, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved…

  • Leg Elevation Wedge

    Leg Elevation Wedge


    Promote and improve circulation and vascular drainage of the leg area with this Leg Elevation Wedge. Designed to elevate your legs, heels, and ankles while also providing excellent support, this leg elevation wedge is perfect for situations of rehabilitation and recovery as well as for patients who are at risk of pressure area ulcers. The…

  • MediSkin+ Knee & Leg Pillow

    MediSkin+ Knee & Leg Pillow


    This MediSkin+ Knee & Leg Pillow is made from medical memory foam and provides support for patients in high care medical nurse settings and those undergoing rehabilitation and recovery of the body. Comfortable yet sturdy, this knee and leg pillow is a more ideal option in situations where patients might otherwise use oversized pillows or…