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A senior’s desire and long-term strategy to remain in their own houses as long as feasible is referred to as “aging in place.” Research reveals that more than 75% of older persons want to age in place, the reality of doing so is far from straightforward, particularly as one’s health deteriorates and their requirements grow. Thankfully, various adaptable goods and security tools may be employed to make staying in a long-term home safer and more successful.If you are looking for reliable, and high-quality products for home care assistive needs, you have come to the right place. Medicines24 provides has been providing medical supplies and assistive living accessories since 2014. Our family-owned business lives by the mission of providing quality products and services to our customers.


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  • Adult Bib Clothes Protector

    Adult Bib Clothes Protector


    Do you or a loved one have trouble with spills and stains? Do you worry about how to keep your clothes clean and protected? Worry no more, with Adult Bib Clothes Protectors! These vinyl-backed, easy-to-use bibs are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their clothes clean and stain-free. The Velcro patches make it easy…

  • Dose Cup With Spout


    When you’re ready to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea, reach for the Mug With Spout By Etac. This mug is specially designed with a spout to help prevent spills. So you can relax and enjoy every sip without worries. Made by Etac, a superior quality brand, this mug is perfect for those…

  • Double Sided Bed Rail Protector Pad


    If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to protect your bed rails, look no further than the Double Sided Bed Rail Protector Pad. This simple but effective product is easy to install and clean, and helps to keep your bed rails looking like new. The Double Sided Bed Rail Protector Pad is made…

  • Economy Bedside Crash Mat


    The Economy Bedside Crash Mat is a must-have for anyone who wants to protect themselves from injury while resting. This mat is made of grip material, so it won’t slip on hard surfaces, and it’s three sections for easy storage. The best part about this mat is that it comes with a 2 year warranty,…

  • Etac Reacher Grabber

    Etac Reacher Grabber


    If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable extension aid, the Etac Reacher Grabber is the perfect choice. This lightweight reacher is perfect for those with lowered mobility, offering a great way to pick up objects and reach items that might otherwise be out of reach. With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, the Reacher…

  • Hand Warmer Muff with Cord


    Introducing the Hand Warmer Muff with Cord, the perfect accessory for keeping you warm during the cooler months. This muff is made from soft material that feels great on the skin, and it provides quality heat to keep you toasty warm. The cord allows you to keep it close to your body so you don’t…

  • Hand Warmer Muff, Printed Fabric with Cord

    Hand Warmer Muff, Printed Fabric with Cord


    Keep your hands cosy and warm in the outdoors or during cold weather with this cosy Hand Warmer Muff, Printed Fabric with Cord.

  • Kids Sided Bed Rail Protector Pad


    If you’re looking for a fun and functional way to keep your little ones safe while they sleep, look no further than the Kids Sided Bed Rail Protector Pad. This easy-to-install bed rail pad features a playful print design that will excite your child while keeping them safe and sound. The padded, waterproof fabric is…

  • Stable Glass


    If you’re looking for a drinking glass that’s stable and easy to use, the Etac Tasty Glass is a great option. This glass is made with a special base that helps keep it in place, making it perfect for those who need a little extra stability. Additionally, the Etac Tasty Glass has a wide mouth…

  • Standing Hoist Calf Support Belt


    Do you often find yourself struggling to stand up after sitting for long periods of time? Do your calves feel tight and uncomfortable after extended periods of standing? If so, the Ubio Standing Hoist Calf Support Belt may be just what you need! This soft-padded lower leg support belt evenly distributes pressure and provides comfortable…

  • Tilt Overbed Hospital Table

    Tilt Overbed Hospital Table


    If you’re looking for a high-quality overbed hospital table, the Tilt Overbed Hospital Table is perfect for you. Made with MDF and PVC, it’s durable and long-lasting. With its stable legs, it can safely handle the whole frame of a laptop computer. Whether you’re using it for eating, writing, or playing games, it’s perfect for…

  • Two Call Buttons and Pager Kit for the Elderly

    Two Call Buttons and Pager Kit for the Elderly


    If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, reliable wireless call system for the elderly, our Two Call Buttons and Pager Kit is the perfect solution. The two call buttons can be placed in different locations around the home, so your loved one can always get the help they need. They’re also great for use in larger…

Our Products

We offer a wide range of adult assistive care home care products for your budget.

Adult Bibs

These bibs are made of 100% Cotton. These are simple and lightweight, making them ideal for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and homes with elderly and disabled individuals.

Reacher Grabbers

With the help of the suction cups on the jaws of our reacher grabbers, the grabber can take up delicate objects, like a glass, with less force. The front of the jaws narrows to a point where they can pick up smaller objects like a set of keys or a little piece of glass. This product is ideal for independent older individuals who are self-sufficient or for those who need care assistance.

Overbed Hospital Tables

A bed-spanning, narrow, rectangular table with casters and a crank to modify the height and tilt the top that is specifically made for hospital patients. The product is also ideal for hospital bed setups at home or a side table for assistive living.

Pager Kits for Elderlies

Two buttons are included with a pager kit for elderlies; one can be used in the bathroom, and the other can be worn around the neck, upstairs and downstairs, or wherever the user chooses.

The wireless nurse call system includes a mobile pager that the caregiver can carry in their pocket or fasten to their belt. The resident can call the caregiver for assistance with only one button click.

The 50m considerable range of the wireless pager gives the caregiver freedom of movement and the resident a sense of security.

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Medicines24 Home Care Supplies

As we get older, routine tasks that we formerly took for granted can occasionally become impossible or exceedingly difficult. Common chores like dressing, turning on a lamp, or even holding a fork or spoon may become too difficult to execute in their standard design.

Medicine24 is an expert in providing caregiving supplies, handicap assistance, geriatric care items, nursing home supplies, home medical supplies, and equipment that make life easier for caretakers and those receiving care.

We have looked for aids that caregivers can use for bathing, feed, dress, position, and moving the person they are caring for.

Do you feel helpless when providing care for a family member? To simplify in-home care, we offer adaptive dining utensils, unique plates, writing implements, bathing assistance, positioning pillows, and other adaptive devices.

A person will frequently become less dependent on or need less help from their caregiver if they use the proper handicap equipment. Numerous assistance gadgets are available to help people operate, ranging from folding sliding transfer bath seats to weighted feeding implements.