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  • Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat


    Introducing the Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat! This innovative product can make bathroom trips less challenging and more comfortable for the mobility-impaired. The Adjustable Raised Toilet Seat fits most toilets and is height adjustable, making it a versatile and convenient solution for anyone who struggles with using a standard toilet. Made from sturdy and safe materials,…

  • Adult Bib Clothes Protector

    Adult Bib Clothes Protector


    Do you or a loved one have trouble with spills and stains? Do you worry about how to keep your clothes clean and protected? Worry no more, with Adult Bib Clothes Protectors! These vinyl-backed, easy-to-use bibs are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their clothes clean and stain-free. The Velcro patches make it easy…

  • Adult Silicone Resuscitation Kit

    The Adult Silicone Resuscitation Kit is a great addition to the car, home or care facility. The kit is quality manufactured, and includes a resuscitation mask and gloves made of silicone, which provides a comfortable fit and superior protection. The kit also includes a CPR keychain with instructions, so that you can be prepared in…

  • Adult Suction Yankauer

    Adult Suction Yankauer


    The Disposable Adult Yankauer suction tube is an essential tool for first responders and hospital units. This 27cm long tube attaches directly to a pump and is ideal for suctioning oral fluids in medical procedures. The firm plastic suction tip is disposable and features a large opening surrounded by a bulbous head, making it perfect…

  • AED 3 External Defibrillator


    When it comes to safeguarding the health of your loved ones, a reliable and easy-to-use external defibrillator is an absolute must-have. With the AED 3 External Defibrillator, you can rest assured knowing that you have a device on hand that can help save someone’s life in the event of a cardiac emergency. This user-friendly defibrillator…

  • AED 5 External Defibrillator, 7” HD LCD Screen


    If you witness someone suffering from cardiac arrest, time is of the essence. With the AED 5 External Defibrillator, you can be that lifesaving voice of authority in just a few short minutes. This remarkable device features a 7” HD LCD Screen, making it easy to follow the guided resuscitation process. And because it’s semi-automated,…

  • Alternating Air Wheelchair Cushion


    If you or a loved one are living with a debilitating condition that makes it difficult to get around, the Alternating Air Wheelchair Cushion can provide some much-needed relief. This pressure care seat cushion has soft active air cells that alternate between inflation and deflation, providing gentle massage-like relief for sore muscles and joints. The…

  • Ankle Stabilizing Brace

    Ankle Brace Stabilising


    If you are looking for a supremely fitted ankle stabilising brace that provides maximum support, look no further than our Stabilising Ankle Brace. Made from exceptionally lightweight yet durable premium materials, this brace lines the inside of shoes or boots comfortably to increase support and comfort in the achilles tendon region. The stabilising straps form…

  • Bath Board Bench with Handle

    Bath Board Bench with Handle


    Get in and out of the bath safely and securely with this bath board bench with handle. Lightweight, durable, and slip-resistant, this bathtub bench has been especially designed to make it easy to get in and out of the bath and comfortable and safe to sit inside the bath. The handle allows for a strong…

  • Bathtub Safety Rail

    Bathtub Safety Rail


    Get extra support and stability in the bathtub with this bath safety rail. Made with an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip, this bathtub safety rail provides a sense of security and adds extra balance for those who require some support while sitting or standing in the bathtub. This bath rail is durable, convenient, and…

  • Bed Side Bumpers Wedges


    If you or someone you know suffers from proprioceptive conditions, bedside bumpers wedges are a helpful alternative to protect them from falling off their bed. Made of soft, comfortable material, our wedges provide support and security for those who fear falling. With bedside bumpers wedges, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved…

  • Heel protectors orange outside

    Breathable Heel Protectors, Multi-Colour (pair)


    If you suffer from heel pressure ulcers, you know how painful and debilitating they can be. But with our breathable heel protectors, you can reduce the pressure on your affected skin and prevent further pain and ulceration. These innovative heel protectors are made from a soft, breathable fabric that helps keep your skin dry and…