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The portable suction machines are devices that can clear airway or remove unwanted fluids from parts of the body. The different designs vary in size, shape and structure to perform various services on humans including hospital settings but also at home with a professional caregiver if needed! One trick when using this equipment is inserting it correctly into your respective area which may be difficult sometimes due its design considerations; however there’s no need for worry because all these products come equipped wit enough power Vacuum pumps via inhaling ports along their tube systems allowing users easy access while providing strong pulls away any accumulate material inside

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  • Adult Suction Yankauer

    Adult Suction Yankauer


    The Disposable Adult Yankauer suction tube is an essential tool for first responders and hospital units. This 27cm long tube attaches directly to a pump and is ideal for suctioning oral fluids in medical procedures. The firm plastic suction tip is disposable and features a large opening surrounded by a bulbous head, making it perfect…

  • Suction Pump Connection Tubing

    Suction Pump Connection Tubing


    Looking for a way to ensure sterility and a secure fit in all clinical settings? Look no further than our suction pump connection tubing! This tubing provides a fast and secure connection for suction pumps in all types of clinical settings. Whether you’re in a hospital, doctor’s office, or even a home health setting, our…