For a range of demands and price points, Medicine24 offers prescription-grade at-home and portable nebulizer options. Whether you prefer a portable nebulizer or a tabletop nebulizer system, Medicine24 enables you to customize therapy for every family member.  Be it for child care or for elderly and assistive needs, we have nebulisers available for you.Numerous millions of individuals worldwide are afflicted by acute and chronic respiratory illnesses. Every day, however there are portable, at-home treatment solutions that are simple to use and effective that can give you and your family the flexibility to live life to the fullest.

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  • Bunny Rabbit Kids Nebuliser

    Bunny Rabbit Kids Nebuliser


    Make it easier and less intimidating for children to consume oral medications with this Bunny Rabbit Kids Nebuliser. This kids nebuliser makes it easier and more fun for children to take medication, while also increasing the onset of medicines by delivering them to the lungs, where they’re needed the most.  A nebuliser is a medicine…

  • Dinosaur Kids Nebuliser

    Dinosaur Kids Nebuliser


    Let your child feel at ease when taking their medication with this Dinosaur Kids Nebuliser. This adorable nebuliser is designed with a cute dinosaur character that appeals to children and makes it more pleasant to take allergy and respiratory medications. The kids’ nebuliser isn’t just fun and easy to use, but also allows for faster…

  • Homecare Compressor Nebuliser

    Homecare Compressor Nebuliser


    The Homecare Compressor Nebuliser is a stylish, compact nebuliser that’s built to treat a range of respiratory conditions. It’s ideal for both home or facility use, is easy-to-use, and caters to both children and adults alike. You can use this nebuliser compressor to treat asthma, allergies, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and a host of other respiratory…

  • Mini Compressor Nebuliser


    Looking for a reliable, short-term solution for your respiratory needs? Look no further than the Mini Compressor Nebuliser. This device has been specifically designed to provide fast, effective relief for those with asthma, allergies, and other breathing difficulties. The nebuliser uses compressed air to turn liquid medication into a fine mist, which can then be…

  • Nebuliser Mask Set

    Nebuliser Mask Set


    If you or a loved one is undergoing nebuliser therapy at home, then you know how important it is to have the proper accessory set. This Nebuliser Mask Set comes with everything you need, including masks, bottles and tubings. Plus, it comes in two sizes so that you can get the perfect fit for both…

  • Nebuliser mask

    Nebuliser Mask, Adult


    The Nebuliser Mask for Adult offers a simple, effective way to provide nebulised medication to patients. The transparent design means that the user can see what they are doing, while the soft vinyl is both comfortable and free from odours. The gradated bowl ensures that the correct amount of medication is delivered, and the swivel…

  • Teddy Bear Kids Nebuliser

    Teddy Bear Kids Nebuliser


    Children with allergies or other respiratory disorders can feel at ease when using this Teddy Bear Kids Nebuliser. The nebuliser is designed with a friendly, comforting teddy bear that makes it more pleasant for children to take their respiratory medications. As well as being adorable and fun to use, this kids’ nebuliser makes it easier…

Portable Nebulisers

Portable and compact. Low viscosity drugs function best with these devices, which use vibrating mesh. They are incredibly quiet, and the unit itself is where you breathe in (instead of a nebulizer set).

Table Top Nebulisers

These compressors have pistons. A piston compressor is required if the medication you will be nebulizing has a high viscosity. These devices often sit on a table or desk and are used at home.

Travel Nebulisers

These compressors combine mobility with piston compressor functionality. They are designed to be used with a nebulizer set and are marginally larger than handheld compressors.

Product Features

Strong and Durable Machine

When compared to conventional machines that use oil motors, the machine’s strong oil-free electric piston motor offers considerably safer and cleaner operation. In order to better dissipate heat, the motor uses a heat sink made of pure copper.

Stable and Easy to Absorb

More than 65% of the mist particle size ranges from 1 to 3.5 mm, is smaller, more stable, and easier to absorb.

High-Quality Materials for Accessories

All accessories are constructed of silicon that is environmentally friendly. more pleasant to use, safer, and softer. For simple assembly and use, a single button design.

Convenient Long Hose

The nebuliser’s small size and light weight make it simple to set down on a desk or nightstand. The power adapter’s length is 4 feet, and the hose’s length is 6 feet, so you may use it comfortably whether you’re sitting or lying down.

Leaves Less Residue

The cup’s beveled bottom design makes it easier for liquid that has collected at the bottom and less than 0.7mL of residue to be utilized. To help you better control how much liquid you consume, the cup has scale lines with capacities of 2ml, 4ml, 6ml, and 8ml.

Versatile for All Ages

By rotating the cup lid, the mist quantity rate is changeable (180 degrees), with a fast rate for adults and a low rate for kids, seniors, and infants.

Easy to Use

Simple one-button design makes operation simple; simply attach the tube and cup, pour the liquid, press the button, and the machine will begin to operate.