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Get in and out of the bath safely and securely with this bath board bench with handle. Lightweight, durable, and slip-resistant, this bathtub bench has been especially designed to make it easy to get in and out of the bath and comfortable and safe to sit inside the bath. The handle allows for a strong grip and makes it easier for patients to slide in and out of hte bathboard, while the large seat provides enough room for comfortable movement and sitting. The adjustable bathboard is suitable for most bathtubs and can be easily removed and taken in and out of storage when needed. 

COMFORTABLE This bathboard for tub has a shower bench seat that is contoured to provide maximum comfort when sitting down in the bathtub. It provides more support than standard shower chairs or stools, allowing you to relax and enjoy your bath knowing that you are secure and supported by the bathboard. The bathtub bench is able to support up to 150kilograms of weight. 

HIGH QUALITY The board over bath has been made from a high quality moulded plastic material that is non-slip and non-corrosive, allowing it to withstand numerous showers without rusting or wearing away. The slip-resistant surface of the bathboard tub allows for extra peace of mind and added confidence when people are using the bath, knowing that they are safe and supported. 

ADJUSTABLE This bathboard tub is designed with an easy dual clear adjustment so that it can provide a secure fit across most standard bathtubs, including claw tubs. The bath transfer board can be adjusted to a width between roughly 50 – 70 centimetres, providing a secure support that fits most bathtubs. 

EASY TRANSFER Make it easy and safe to get in and out of the bathtub with this bathtub bench. The large red handle has been designed for high visibility and should be placed on the far end of the bathtub, allowing the patient to assist the carers or nursing staff as they are transferred from the wheelchair to the seat and then to the tub. Transfer is easy and safe. Just sit on the outside part of the bathtub bench and slide your legs around to the inside bathtub, the same as you would with a bath chair or shower stool. 

CONVENIENT This bathtub bench will not leave any marks, scratches, or residue on your bathtub, making it super convenient to install and remove without a worry. It has been specially fitted with rubber stops that prevent scratches and marks and allow you to install the bathtub bench with peace of mind. The bath transfer board also has drainage holes to allow water to filter through as well as a soap dish, making it perfect for seated over bath showering. 

PORTABLE This bathtub bench is portable and lightweight. It weighs less than 3 kilograms and is super easy to install and remove, making it ideal for those who need to travel or stay in a hotel, or for easy storage. 


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