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Maintain independence with the added support and security of the Cascade Modular Safety Grab Rails. These safety grab rails are designed for use around the home or in the shower and bathroom, helping the elderly or people with disabilities to continue about their day without having to rely on others for support. Designed with extra grip and support in mind, these grab rails are waterproof and can be installed indoors or outdoors, preventing slipping hazards so that those who are prone to falling can carry out their tasks independenty and confidently. 

ERGONOMIC These grab rails have been designed ergonomically to ensure a comfortable grip even when holding for long periods of time. The curved shape is easier to hold and provides a more supportive grip than grab rails that are straight, making it safer and more comfortable to use these grab rails. 

MAINTAIN INDEPENDENCE Grab rails are a life-saver for the elderly or those who live with disabilities, allowing them to maintain a sense of independence and carry out tasks without having to rely on others for help. Instead of waiting for someone to provide support, people can carry out tasks on their own and use these grab rails to provide the stability that they need when walking around or sitting up. 

VERSATILE The modular safety grab rails can be installed at any angle depending on how the user would like them or what they will be used for. They can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The simple, aesthetically pleasing design of the suction grab rails also adds versatility by making them seamlessly blend into the design of any bathroom or bedroom. 

MULTI-CONFIGURATION The variable configurations of the safety grab rails means you can attach them for a single standalone grip or in a chain of grips in numerous shapes to allow for unique uses and cater to different needs. 

EXTRA GRIP The ergonomically shaped safety grab rails for bathroom are made from polymer, preventing slip and providing an extra tight grip when attached properly. This adds security and protection for those who are using the grips, able to withstand a significant amount of weight on the grips without buckling or falling off. 

MULTIPLE USE The shower safety rails can be installed in several locations around hte home or care facility and cater for multiple uses including standing, walking, and sitting up. Install a grab rail next to the toilet to make it easier to stand up, in the shower to provide extra support and prevent slipping on the wet floor, and around the house for extra stability when walking. 

HIGH QUALITY Designed and made by trusted brand Cascade Australia, these grab rails are high quality, durable, and built to last when attached and used properly. 


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