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Relieve pressure between your bones and provide support for your joints with this MediSkin+ Bone Shaped Pillow. This knee and leg pillow has been designed with optimum comfort in mind, able to easily be placed between your knees to alleviate hip and back pain and encourage natural alignment of the spine, hips, and pelvis. Made from medical memory foam, this bone shaped leg pillow is comfortable and sturdy, providing more stability in situations where patients might otherwise use oversized pillows or rolled up towels. 

HYGIENIC & EASY TO CLEAN This bone shaped knee and leg pillow is protected with an antimicrobial and fluid resistant MediSkin+ cover that is easy to clean. Simply wipe over the material with a diluted sanitiser and the soft cover will dry quickly so it can be reused immediately. The fluid resistant MediSkin+ cover makes this knee wedge pillow ideal for situations where incontinence or other bodily fluid loss is a concern, able to easily be cleaned and ready for reuse.

PERFECT SIZE The knee and leg posture pillow is small enough to carry with you when travelling and the perfect size to place between your knees to provide extra support when lying down. 

SUPPORTIVE The interior of this knee and leg posture pillow is made from medical memory foam, providing strong and sturdy support while still being soft and comfortable to lie on. The sturdy support of the memory foam makes this leg pillow ideal for patients with arthritic discomfort and stiffness, helping to aid rehabilitation and recovery before and after surgery. 

SOFT MATERIAL The soft touch MediSkin+ cover is gentle on the skin and prevents irritation or stickiness even when there is moisture or perspiration. This makes the medic pillow comfortable for use for hours on end without causing discomfort or pressure area ulcers that can appear as a result of long periods of time spent immobile. The pillow also comes with a soft, washable knitted cover that can be fitted over the top if desired. 

COMFORTABLE The bone shaped pillow is specially designed for optimum comfort when lying for long periods of time, relieving pressure from the hips and back and preventing the usual aches or discomfort that can come from lying immobile. Place the wedge pillow between your knees to separate bony areas and create a soft, comfortable cushion when lying down. The leg support pillow also encourages natural alignment of the hips, legs, spine, and pelvis, helping to maintain proper posture and evenly distribute hip pressure to the thigh. 

CONVENIENT More convenient than using oversized pillows or rolled up towels, this knee wedge pillow is easy to transport and clean, encouraging maximum dignity and comfort for the patient. 

SUITABLE FOR ALL Although the bone shaped pillow has been designed for specific use in various medical situations, including high care support due to frailty, illness, rehabilitation and recovery, it can be used by patients of all ages, shapes, and sizes. 


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