T4 Forehead Infrared Thermometer


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This infrared forehead thermometer provides an accurate reading and is an essential piece of equipment for your home medicine cabinet. Durable, reliable, and compact, this infrared thermometer provides quick three digit results on an easy-to-read, large LCD screen. The set includes an instruction booklet.

COMPACT Small in size and lightweight, this in forehead thermometer weighs only 40 grams, making it easy for you to slip into your bag and take with you out and about if required.

EASY TO USE With a single button operation, this infrared thermometer can easily be used by people of all ages to take temperature. An instruction booklet is also included with the infrared thermometer so you can rest assured you are taking accurate measurements.

FAST You don’t need to use the infrared thermometer for too long. As long as it is placed in 1 cm to 5 cm from the skin, you will have your results in less than a second with just a click of the button. The thermometer also records your last 10 temperature results that can quickly be brought up onto the screen so you can stay on track of your temperature. 

ACCURATE This infrared thermometer provides precise measurements with the ability to measure temperatures from 34° C to 42.9° C. Temperatures are displayed in celsius. 

EASY TO READ Featuring a large LCD display, this infrared thermometer provides results that are easy to read each time. The screen features three digit display providing a temperature up to one decimal point. 

HYGIENIC Safely use this forehead thermometer time and time again without physical contact with patient skin. This makes the infrared thermometer suitable for clinical environments as well as home use. 

AUTO SHUT-OFF Battery power is saved with an auto shut-off feature that allows the forehead thermometer to automatically turn itself off after it hasn’t been in use for one minute. You can then easily switch it back on and take a reading in just seconds. 

BATTERY POWERED Just two AAA batteries are needed to power this forehead thermometer, and with the handy auto shut-off feature they should be able to last you approximately 4,000 temperature readings. 

SAFE FOR ALL AGES This forehead thermometer can safely be used by people of all ages, including babies and the elderly. It’s a must-have piece of equipment for any home medicine cabinet or clinic. 


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