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  • Adult Bib Clothes Protector

    Adult Bib Clothes Protector


    Do you or a loved one have trouble with spills and stains? Do you worry about how to keep your clothes clean and protected? Worry no more, with Adult Bib Clothes Protectors! These vinyl-backed, easy-to-use bibs are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their clothes clean and stain-free. The Velcro patches make it easy…

  • Adult Suction Yankauer

    Adult Suction Yankauer


    The Disposable Adult Yankauer suction tube is an essential tool for first responders and hospital units. This 27cm long tube attaches directly to a pump and is ideal for suctioning oral fluids in medical procedures. The firm plastic suction tip is disposable and features a large opening surrounded by a bulbous head, making it perfect…

  • Ankle Stabilizing Brace

    Ankle Brace Stabilising


    If you are looking for a supremely fitted ankle stabilising brace that provides maximum support, look no further than our Stabilising Ankle Brace. Made from exceptionally lightweight yet durable premium materials, this brace lines the inside of shoes or boots comfortably to increase support and comfort in the achilles tendon region. The stabilising straps form…

  • Heel protectors orange outside

    Breathable Heel Protectors, Multi-Colour (pair)


    If you suffer from heel pressure ulcers, you know how painful and debilitating they can be. But with our breathable heel protectors, you can reduce the pressure on your affected skin and prevent further pain and ulceration. These innovative heel protectors are made from a soft, breathable fabric that helps keep your skin dry and…

  • Bunny Rabbit Kids Nebuliser

    Bunny Rabbit Kids Nebuliser


    Make it easier and less intimidating for children to consume oral medications with this Bunny Rabbit Kids Nebuliser. This kids nebuliser makes it easier and more fun for children to take medication, while also increasing the onset of medicines by delivering them to the lungs, where they’re needed the most.  A nebuliser is a medicine…

  • Dinosaur Kids Nebuliser

    Dinosaur Kids Nebuliser


    Let your child feel at ease when taking their medication with this Dinosaur Kids Nebuliser. This adorable nebuliser is designed with a cute dinosaur character that appeals to children and makes it more pleasant to take allergy and respiratory medications. The kids’ nebuliser isn’t just fun and easy to use, but also allows for faster…

  • DJMed 5L Oxygen Concentrator 1

    DJMed 5L Oxygen Concentrator


    Looking for an oxygen concentrator that fits easily into your home? Look no further than the DJMed 5L Oxygen Concentrator! With its small profile and easy-access humidifier, this device is perfect for those who need a constant, steady flow of oxygen. The controls and alarms are simple to read, making it easy to use. And…

  • Bunion Protector Toe Spacer main

    DJMed Bunion Protector and Toe Spacer


    The DJMed Bunion Protector & Toe Spacer is a comfortable and secure way to protect your toes from further injury. The bunion cushion shield provides support and protection for your toe, while the universal sizing ensures a comfortable fit. This product includes 2 pairs / 4 pieces, so you can be sure to have the…

  • Shoe Inserts

    DJMed EliteFeet – ¾ Orthotic Shoe Inserts


    Who says being a professional has to be uncomfortable? The DJMed EliteFeet Orthotic Shoe Inserts are here to make sure you can power through your day without pain. These high-quality, full-support inserts provide heel and arch support to keep you comfortable all day long. They’re perfect for tighter business shoes, thanks to their 3/4 length…

  • EliteFeet – Orthotic Shoe Insoles

    DJMed EliteFeet – Orthotic Shoe Insoles


    If you suffer from foot pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Even the simplest activities can become a chore. But there’s hope! DJMed EliteFeet Orthotic Shoe Insoles can help relieve your foot pain and get you back on your feet – literally! These full-length insoles provide excellent arch support and are rightsized for…

  • Gel Toe Spacers

    DJMed Gel Toe Spacers


    Looking for a way to relieve some of the pain and discomfort associated with bunions, hammertoes, and other foot problems? DJMed Gel Toe Spacers may be just what you need! These ergonomically shaped spacers are made of soft gel material and can help to separate, align, and cushion the toes. They can also help alleviate…

  • DJMed High Capacity 10L Oxygen Concentrator

    DJMed High Capacity 10L Oxygen Concentrator


    Looking for a powerful and compact home oxygen concentrator that can accommodate your high-volume therapy needs? Look no further than the DJMed High Capacity 10L Oxygen Concentrator. Capable of delivering up to 96% of O2 purity from 1 to 10 LPM, this concentrator is perfect for patients who require more than 5LPM of oxygen. Additionally,…